Veg. Restaurant & Business Centre

NAYOPI is based on 2 diverse concepts merged: 

a) Vegetarian Restaurant; Transform unhealthy fast-food culture to a nourishing one. Promote a flavorsome vegetarian society rather than being monotonous. Deliver well-being dining menus and taste combined food.

b) Conference Rooms; Our goal will be to support our community however we can. From regularly scheduled office hours with venture capitalists or other industry professionals, to networking with cheese tasting event with the whole community or celebrating annual corporate functions; our three Conference Rooms of varying space will be available to accommodate everything.

We aim to: Inspire and encourage upcoming business entrepreneurs, employees and enterprises to connect, learn and grow. Introduce events both social and professional, happening every day to help individuals build and maintain a strong team culture with RSVP system for any events. Offer a unique venue to host events in our vibrant, thoughtfully-designed spaces which will be fully equipped and ready to book next public or private gathering.

The few events that will be encouraged are Lunch & Learns; enjoy a catered lunch whilst external corporate representatives can share expertise, knowledge and valuable tips. Networking Events; Expand your professional circle with hundreds of events. Wellness; Sessions for finding balance.